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Water has shaped our landscapes and every civilization. Today, far too many people do not have access to safe drinking water, and those of us that do rarely have truly clean drinking water. Sadly, serious contaminants such as fracking chemicals, pharmaceuticals and even E. coli contamination are turning up in our "potable" water.

At GRAYL's offices in rainy Seattle, their comparatively clean and abundant water still contains added chlorine, trace amounts of arsenic and lead. They have dared to imagine that it should be possible to avoid both immediate and cumulative water hazards globally. They've now made that simple to achieve with [ONE PRESS] purification (+filtration).

The Water Filtration Cup, GRAYL's first product, was released a couple years ago. It received a lot of media attention, won several awards, and rapidly attracted a loyal customer base. Much was learned over the first six months, especially around manufacturing, product design and user feedback.

The experience of starting a company and creating a disruptive product technology was wild and extremely rewarding, yet at the same time humbling for GRAYL. Some of their earliest supporters came to them with product design suggestions for improving their experience. In particular, GRAYL received requests for a lightweight and compact "bottle" capable of purification (+filtration), along with a no frills hassle-free loop cap.

Grayl Replacement Filtration Filter

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